Invioce Pdf Automation

Hi All
I’Ve Downloaded one invoice pdf template and edited n made 3 invoices in a folder now i’m Trying To Extract The data such as invoice id,issue date,PoNumber etc…

from those pdfs but unable to do so
please help me please

You need to check your selector for the attach window, as it seems it is for a specific title and do not seem to match all you pdfs…

Replace your selector title with “*” so that it will works for every title.

ill Check And I tried with * also but its not working

I Copied all The three invoice selectors and replaced it with wild selectors
but its not working please suggest some thing
here is the screen shot of selectors

Another screen shot of selector validation

please help me with the above

Hi @Vanishree_Matta

If it is possible can you please try Uipath new feature “Taxonomy Manager” regarding Invoice issue

Hi @ chatsara
i couldn’t find this feature in my Studio
can u please guide

If all the three PDF are of the same template, you can also use “Read PDF Text activity” under “UiPath.PDF.activities” package.
You simply have to loop all your PDFs available in the folder, read one by one through “Read PDF Text” activity and get desired data through string manipulations.
No need to open PDF file as everything will be done in background.

Hi @ Pallavi_seth
ill try this method for sure
but I’m trying to open the pdfs from folder that’s why im getting the problem i’ve tried validating using wild cards also

Hi Pallavi
i tried with Read PDF Text Activity but its not working
can you please suggest what to do