Error Using screen scrapping wizard - in PDF Data Scrapping

I am trying to scrape data from a scanned pdf. But when screen scapping wizard is used, the pdf file is automatically getting closed and so the messag - UI element is no longer available.
How to solve it ?
thank you

Hi! welcome to community!

Native pdf: we can extract the data from pdf only with read pdf activity

Scanned pdf: for this kind of pdfs we can use read pdf with ocr activity

for that just install this package from manage packages (Uipath.Pdf.Activities)

then search for Read Pdf with Ocr.


Hi @shwetapandit131 ,

Instead of going with Screen Scraping, you can perform the task by using OCR.

For that, you need to install one package: UiPath.PDF.Activities


In the above screenshot, use that activity and indicate your PDF File and in the Drop OCR Engine, insert any OCR whichever you required.



Hi @shwetapandit131

If possible you can try with regex to manipulate



Maybe you should try with Regex!

If you needed it, we can help you with Regex!

Ohk I will try …. Thank you

Hi @shwetapandit131 ,

If the pdf is getting in background, you can use activate activity before you perform scrapping to bring it back to foreground then it will not close.


Hello, tried it but not working
all pdfs are automatically closing when screen scrapping wizard is used…
if any other options then please let me know.
Its working with Read Pdf with OCR activity but not when used Screen Scrapping wizard
thank you

Have you tried this?

If you wants to get the exact values while the pdf is opened we can try this Extract Specific Data from Scanned Invoice Pdf and Write Into Excel In UiPath | UiPathRPA - YouTube