Screen Scraping multiple PDFs in a ForEach loop

My goal is to have UiPath read through a folder that contains scanned PDFs of car titles. I currently have Adobe reading the scanned documents for text, and then UiPath can read the PDF to text and I am able to manipulate the string, and write certain pieces to an excel sheet.

On titles from certain states however, neither Adobe nor UiPath can pick up certain bits of text. I am trying to use the screen scraping activity “Get OCR Text,” but when I do this, it scrapes the same document every time. Is it possible to use this activity to scrape from multiple different PDFs in a folder?

Is there a different activity I should be using?

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hey @rbran
make sure after reading a first pdf it’s closed
sometimes it gets the value from previous window and make sure you give aaname =‘*’
like this

What do you mean by give aaname=‘*’ ???

I tried closing the pdf before the next one is read, but now I am getting the error: “Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector”; I think the error is happening because when the second pdf opens, the title of the new document appears at the top in place of the old one and it cannot recognize the page.

Hi @rbran,

Best solution for PDF extraction is IntelligentOCR.

I’m still having trouble with this workflow, even using IntelligentOCR. The issue that I’m having is that I need to extract text that is not being picked up by any of these activities through reading the text, it is only being grabbed through screen scraping. I then run into the issue of not being able to screen scrape through a loop.

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Great, you are now using AI,RPA and Machine Learning using IntelligentOCR. :grin:

Try switching between OCRs and see which one works better for you. You can choose from Abby, Google, Microsoft, UIpath OCR and a lot more. See which one works better for you. Let me know if that doesn’t work for you and we will see what else we can do.

There is still one section of the text that none of the OCRs get.