Screen scraping using MOUSE

Recently,I had to scrape a SSN from SSN element in PDF. The PDF was not recognized in UiPath.So,I had to use another tool.

In the other tool, I just clicked Mouse Down after image +MOUSE MOVE TIll + Image +Mouse UP

This highlighted the text and I passed ctrl+c to copy the text into clipboard.

Can we have a simmilar activity in UiPath.

I think this can be replicated using Click (mouse down) and MouseHover

tried it,did not work. Could you please share a sample code.

That was off the top of my head. Could you send a sample PDF so I can try it?

Please find the sample-

I want to highlight as shown -

You can use “PDF file” as left image and hover to “on any printing device”

pdf-sample.pdf (7.8 KB)

Any updates on this ?