Error Updating Sharepoint List Item

Good afternoon everyone, I need help with this issue. I’ve tried several approaches but none of them were successful. I have a SharePoint list and I want the RPA to update two fields, the RPA status field and the order status field. I’ve already created a copy of the SharePoint list, I’ve made a new copy where I only fetched some fields, I’ve only fetched the fields where I want the RPA to update…but I had no success. I appreciate your help in advance.
Here is a screenshot.

The filter “fields/ID eq '”+CurrentRow(0).ToString+“'” is working.


Can you please show where it is failing

And the exception from locals panel

And what you are tryign to update and how


Good afternoon, Thank you for the help, but I managed to understand what was causing the error, or at least I presume so. As I said, I created a new list and set all columns as ‘Single Text Line’, including the columns where a date is supposed to be and two columns where I put a hyperlink. I tested the RPA this way and managed to update the list item. Then, to clear up any doubts, I repeated with the original SharePoint list and it gave an error. So, I assume that the problem is related to the formatting of the columns in the original SharePoint list.

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To update fields in SharePoint using RPA, make sure you configure the correct actions in your automation process. Make sure you use the “Update List Item” action or equivalent action for your RPA platform. Provide the correct element IDs and new values to update the fields. Also make sure that you have the necessary permissions to perform the update.

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