How to Update Sharepoint List fields?

I have only now started to use MS Office 365 activities and I have no idea how to update items?

I know how to work with UiPathTeam Sharepoint Activities, but this one is more confusing. Please Help! Or Please provide reference to tutorial

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Best way to work with SP list is OLEDB, scroll down here and connect and use like DB:


Maybe have a look to below post

Hope this may help you


Hi @NotFranmax,

You are on the right track. You should update your “local” object “ListItem” by using assign activity. For example, ListItem.Fields(0).Value = “Updated ListItem Value” in an assign activity to update its value.
Screenshot 2021-10-02 200656

However, at this point, your changes are still “local” and not on the SharePoint. This is where you use the Update List Item activity to “commit” the changes to the SharePoint list.

Please see attached file for sample workflow. Let me know if you have any questions.
UpdateSharepointList.xaml (12.7 KB)


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