Sharepoint Activities Issue - UpdateListItems

I’m getting the following Error when I try to use the update List Items activity on a Sharepoint Online document library

Update list items: The requested operation is part of an experimental feature that is not supported in the current environment.

I have used the Upload File activity without issue. I created a CAML query to get my doc suing a unique field value in the list and I’m trying to update a Single line of text field for that document but its failing with the above

Maybe is because you are using the wrong activity …what do you want to do? are you working with a list or a Library?

We managed to solve this issue by upgrading to this version of the package:

Am getting below error while adding attachment to list item using Sharepoint activities. Can anyone help me with this?

"Add List Item Attachments: Data at the root level is invalid. Line 2, position 1. "

@radu_bucur @Diana_Mincu Could you pls help me with the above issue?