Error to Log on in SAP

Hi all.

For some time I have had an error when logging on in SAP and with the activity call transaction. It’s an issue with my automations.

Always it’s the same error, when I retry (kill SAP and log on) in the third time or more is when can log on.

I would appreciate any help.



It’s because of Selector issue…

Could you please open the selector in UiExplorer and paste the snap here…

So, that will get more option to make the selector dynamic


I thought the same but when I open de UiExplorer the selector is good


Check for the other nodes as well…

Paste the snap here…



Re-indicate on the screen again and check the possible attributes…

And also give some delay to the process…

Use element exists to get clarification that the Application/Website loads completely…


I have done before and now…

And when I click in validate…

Now yes…


The id is keep on changing… Use wildcard

Try this:

<sap id='*' />

And also choose the above node as well… Make the id dynamic


What is the best option id=* or that?


I can suggest you to choose both and use some wildcards as I mentioned earlier…

Make the changes and validate…

if this doesn.t work use anchor …


Now I don’t use this selector and the error it’s the same


where did you used wild card?

Use the wild card


Don’t run with this wild card

HI @daniel.canas

This pictures, shows that SAP Scripting is not activated (AFX* selectors)

this is the reason, why CALL Transaction was not working.

In meantime, all other your screenshots showing the SAP Scripting is activated. (SAP ID selectors)

@THIRU_NANI thanks for your suggestions, ideas and prompt response, but they are not CORRECT and not OK

@daniel.canas please do not manipulate selectors, do not use wildcard, do not use anchors → All of these is not needed.

The flow is simple

  1. ensure scripting is activated Configuration Steps
  2. use Call transaction and select the right screen
  3. done

Best regards, Lev

Neither when he goes alone

I did those steps some time ago, although sometimes I get that and sometimes not.


I asked about the internal configuration of the server and I was told that everything was activated.

Two screenshots above looks good.

Can you create a short video starting from Zero and showing

  1. drag and drop Call transaction
  2. select the screen
  3. show the selector you see in the the activity


Sorry for waiting.

When I made the video, it made another selector, and it seems to do it right.

I will continue testing today to see if it always works.

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