Selectors issue in SAP Automation

For Sap automation , I am using basic recording activity ,
But thing is ID in SAP application is changing every time. i used UI explorer to find other attributes like Parent id or Parent name but other than ID none of the attributes are available in SAP, even i tried replacing some values of ID with wildcard(*).Even that also failed.

There is no aaname or name to select in the UIExplorer.

If i remove the ID from selector will halt, and i get selector not found exception.

I have attached screenshot of UI explorer window.


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Did you enable script on both client and server side ? Is BOT able to identify elements in SAP application or not ?

And also use Indicate element in Uiexplorer window and then indicate that element and check it once.

Yes i enable script on both client and server side,bot able to identify the elements in SAP correctly.
Main issue is Id is changing every time.


I don’t think so whole Id Attribute value will change here. Are you removing entire Id attribute from Selector or you are replacing some part with wild card ?

Please Look into two Cases:Where id is changing everytime



I can’t see anything from above post. Could you please help me with screenshots of those Selectors.


Sorry ,Please check now

i dont think there is any strange here - they are two different UiElements

if id numbers keep changing u will need to find another unique attribute using Uiexplorer
Yes thats really time consuming task - i hv been through same situation ample amount of time.

but SAP application will definitely have unique selector


I can see only end part of ID value is changing. Just replace that part with wild card start “*” and then try once.

sure ,will try .thanks

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You are posting exactly the same question?! Speak to @rag he knows the solution.


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