SAP Logon : Return login window is null exception [Urgent]

Hello everyone,

Need urgent help!!!,

I am using SAP activity in the UIpath UI automation package enterprise version.
I am facing a Login issue and also while using calling transaction activity I am facing selectors issue. I have enabled client-side scripting and I had asked to activate server side scripting to admin and they said they have done the changes, I also tried to downgrade to lesser version activites but didn’t help.


Please help @loginerror , @NIVED_NAMBIAR


Give us the screenshot of your SAP selectors in UiPath Studio than everything will be clear.

Eg. Type into any SAP field, how it looks like?

Best regards, Lev

Thanks for reply
Hi @LevKushnir ,

I am not using type into activity, I am using the new SAP activities, SAP Logon which doesn’t require to be indicated. and using call transaction activity these are stable enterprise activity.
Please find ss for SAP logon activity.


SAP Transaction activity (whole screen is indicated as shown in tuts).

selectors image

please help @LevKushnir , @loginerror

Hey @AS07

When I am asking for “Type Into” any SAP field, it has some reason :)))

I understand your troubles, but need first to check if SAP Scripting is activated.


Hey @LevKushnir ,

Yes, I do understand, my intention was not to oppose you or counter your question. I have used logon activity and there is no screen indication. that was what I wanted to convey sorry if it was intended as arrogant, I am thankful that you are helping me and by no means I am trying to degrade in any way.

Yes I have enabled client side scripting from my end , and for server side scripting I have no access to that T code so I did ask the admin to do so and he confirmed that he has done the changes in server side scripting as well, can it be that we can if the settings as been implemented from our side??.

also when I am using Normal type into for T-Code I am able to do the type into without any error.



I am the most patient person in this world :slight_smile:

Give me the screenshot!

I want to see this

this will give us a clear answer if scripting was activated.

Best regards, Lev

Hi @LevKushnir,

Thank you for the reply :relaxed:

These are the selectors of Call transaction SAP activity.

and these are the selectors of Normal Type into activity (this is working)

compare my screenshot and yours!

SAP Scripting is not activated! All SAP selectors, should have Tag SAP ID


This is the reason, why SAP activities such as SAP Call Transaction are not working on your machine

Please speak to your IT and show them this Configuration Steps

Server & Client side should be activated.

Best regads, Lev

Hey @LevKushnir,

Yes, there is a difference in selectors, I will ask them to do so or recheck again, is there any method we can check ourselves if server-side scripting is enabled like to reconfirm it from our side we can send the screenshot for proof.

And Sorry I am new in SAP automation, In UI explorer I am getting these selectors too.


Go to SAP Menu

If Scripting is disabled, then the option “Script recording and Playback” is grayout and not active.

AFX selectors are wrong. This is just one more confirmation, that the scripting is not activated.

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Hey @LevKushnir,

Yes, this option is grayout.
Thanks for your help and understanding.

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