Error: Microsoft OCR


I have to read PDF document and extract data from that. When i am using MICROSOFT OCR activity for “Read PDF with OCR” I am getting the error like below

Microsoft OCR : Error performing OCR: MicrosoftErrorCreateEngine

Can any one please help me to resolve this ASAP.
Google OCR is not giving better results.

Version studio: 2018.1.4 Licensed

This Might help!

Hi Niket

Thanks for your quick support.
Below are the OS details

OS:Windows server 2012 R2 standard

64-bit operating system.

.Net version :4.7 framework intalled

Could you please tell me which version of share point designer we have to install to resolve this issue.

Hi @krishna46111

That would be 2007 version.

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I have checked that, SharePoint 2007 is not supportable for “Windows server 2012 R2 standard” . Could you suggest me which version is suitable to work around.