Ms Office OCR


Is Microsoft OCR and Ms Office OCR activity same?
I am not able to run the pdf program using Microsoft OCR.
It gives an exception.
I am trying to read an image from PDF, using - Read PDF with OCR

ERROR :Pdf throws an exception. Error performing OCR: MicrosoftErrorCreateEngine

Source: Microsoft OCR

This issue is already raised and fixed in the version v2016.2.6192.32151
which version your using.
Please check for more.

Hi, Isnt this the latest version? I have this one - 16.2.6274.33252 ?? @ddpadil

Also, where can I get the link for version v2016.2.6192.32151 ?


Hope you have gone through post.
Workaround would be
1.make sure you have the SharepointDesigner2007 properly installed
2.Change to beta version and give try
3. Last try would be Reinstall UiPath Studio
can’t share the link due to some security concern :frowning: anyway It will prompt if there is any updates but you can read the release note here