Microsoft OCR Giving Error Microsoft ErrorCreateEngine

Hi Team,

I am just trying to extract data from Notepad using Screen Scraping Technique. I am able to extract using Google OCR Engine. But if i just replace Google OCR Engine with Microsoft OCR Engine i am getting the error shown in the attached screenshot.

Can any one please suggest what is going wrong and also how to debug this kind of instances to improve the skills .

Thanks for the support.

ScreenScrapingExample.xaml (9.1 KB)


This might help you!

Niket Ghai

Thanks for the help. So to use Microsoft OCR SharepointDesigner2007 is required?
Can you please provide why it is related with SharepointDesigner2007? .
Can you please tell me change to beta version means i should use UI Path licensed version or you want me to download latest trail version of UI Path?

Thanks for your help…!

I am assuming that you are using Windows OS. In Windows we need to install sharepoint so as to use microsoft ocr! That is all I know as of now!
This is what I got from wikipedia:
It features a workflow designer that allows users of SharePoint to create workflow so that workflow can automate the process with the concept and objects such as list item, content type, and list column within SharePoint server. Starting from SharePoint 2013, it provides a text-based designer and a visual designer for non-developer users.

Niket Ghai

Thank you for the response. I will try to install the same and will see how it goes.

Thanks Bro…:slight_smile:

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Tell me if this works!

Sure Will update in a week since I am out of station.
Thanks …

HI ,
None of the ocr engines working in my vm. but in the local machine its working fine. Could you please help!