Lesson 11 Practice 2 - OCR engine missing


I have seen another message regarding this lesson (regarding the lesson 6 instead of 2 misstype).

My problem is that in the Read PDF with OCR activity there is an area that you are supposed to drop OCR engine activity (there is nothing about this in the walkthrough). In the model answer They seemed to have added MS Office OCR somehow into the Read PDF with OCR.

If I search for MS Office OCR or MicrosoftOCR (seems to be the name in the properties window) I don’t appear to have it at all. Although I do have Microsoft.Activities.Extensions installed i the Manage Packages window ( which is where it should be from I assume).

Any ideas?

Check this, you may have to install Sharepoint Designer.

Rammohan B.

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Thanks very much for the info will give it a go when sharepoint designer has downloaded.

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