Error "is not a valid Win32 application"

Hi all, i can not open PDF file when using open application activity, it’s appear error here: image .
my main.xml : Main.xaml (28.2 KB) . Please help me fix it.

Yes @TanVuong
Can you use process.start as in the image to open the pdf , proc is the variable of type Process. Please use the below method and check


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Can you please explain in detail on your solution

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Open application is meant to open the executable files we have in the local, so when we pass the full path of the exe file, it will open the application. (I hope this will open the pdf’s also, but not sure)

But to open the files , we need to use the actual activities available or the start process activity. so in the above,

process.start will open the file or executable file or excel , pdf whatever it is. So, make sure we are assigning process.start(“path”) to a process type variable