How to open a pdf file with word application

How could I open a pdf file in microsoft word? Tried to use start process but got this error:
Start Process: The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform.

Hi @christine.tzenghy

Try to use Start Process Activity inside Try Catch you will not get any error.

Kommi Jeevan

Hi @kommijeevan
Thanks a lot. Do you mind to further explain on how to use the Try Catch, possibly with the workflow? As I am new to UiPath and not really sure how to do it.

right click start process activity

catches use system.exception

Can you please tell me what do you type in Start Process ----Executable pat @kommijeevan


May I ask what should I write on “type app argument”? Is it the path of the pdf file?


The user wants to open pdf using word !! @kommijeevan

Could you further explain on how could I open the pdf file in microsoft word instead please? I tried the code it’s running now but after executed the file is not opened.

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