Could not open the application--Start process

Hi All,
Im Learner in uipath please can any one help me with the issue of Start Process
I Am trying to open Acrobat Adobe Reader application And facing the issue that Application Could not be opened
As they have shown we can open the Notepad Application with Start Process so i wanted to try with Adobe Reader so please if any one can help me with this issue please
please find the screenshot of the error

Hai @Vanishree_Matta… Use Open Application activity to open the acrobat reader… before starting the process

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@Vanishree_Matta what is in that readerpath variable…
if this is your actual path means then put this it within double quotes " " …

I have assigned actual path to the variable readerpath
and i’ve passed that variable inside Start Process activity


ok i’ll try this And let you know

fine , till if it isn’t yet work means then try to use open application activity as wat @Nandhuba said above…

ya ill try that

@Vanishree_Matta… Aftr trying… Let me know if it works …

ya sure

Not sure whawt error is. It is simple and straight forward. may i know are you facing any error,
Check this sample.

Replace the URL

i tried it with open application its not working

my error is im unable to open the Adobe reader using Start process activity of UiPath

Try my sample project as give above. change the URL to the exe life. it should work fine. let me know if you face any issues

i tried that in start process activity without using any variable ,it works perfectly…
so try to do that in start process via giving the path within " "…

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ok i’ll try that
thank you