Error Initializing Python Engine


facing this error. Using Python version 3.6.

Is there any way to come with a solution to this problem?

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Have you installed below highlighted package?

Because it is showing Dependency issue, Try to remove the package which you installed earlier and install this package

Hope this may help you


same issue but install python 3.10 and package in studio also .

Try to install python from here Python Release Python 3.10.1 | and then restart the machine.

In order to verify where the python.exe resides, open a cmd.exe and type:

where python

Based on , in v1.6.0 we fixed an issue where UiPath.Python.Activities v1.4.1 would not support Python v3.10.1.

In a C# Windows project with UiPath.Python.Activities[1.6.0] (Studio 2022.4.6) with a locally Python 3.10 installed

Python Scope example configuration

Library path:




Target: x64

Version: Auto

WorkingFolder: "C:\Users\username\OneDrive - UiPath\Desktop\Troubleshooting"

Run Python Script example

File: "C:\Users\username\OneDrive - UiPath\Desktop\Troubleshooting\"

Let us know if this helped.

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