Error Handling Activity - Iteration through rows on Excel

I hope the forum can assist me. I am a complete beginner to UiPath and am still training.

I am busy with the last activity in the Error Handling Module (working on Studio X). I have gone through the activity and compared my Automation with the Solution and all looks like a perfect match, EXCEPT my Bot will not iterate through the Excel sheet and create new folders for each of the three months in the Events spreadsheet. My Bot creates just the first month and the first event (in separate folders)

I have gone over it again and again and compared it to the Solution as I’ve said and all looks perfect. When I run the Solution, it works! But mine doesn’t. The months in the spreadsheet are directly beneath each other, so I’m not dealing with “skip row” scenarios. And I’m mystified by the fact that it happens again when I have to create the events folders, as it only creates a file for the first event.

It is so frustrating! What am I missing?

Special request: As mentioned I am VERY new to automation with no coding background, so please could you keep that in mind when giving me advice. Thank you very much for your help.

Hello @deborah

Welcome to UiPath community…!

As you have mentioned you have created the flow the same as in the sample, can you cross-check the variable datatypes as well?

Also, run the process in debug mode and enable the Highlight element and log activities and check it once.

If you are getting any specific error please share the screenshot here.