Run the whole row activities

How do you create activities from the first to the end row?
My bot only runs on the first row, not the whole one. Is there something that I need to do here?

can you elaborate with more details

Do you want to iterate through excel rows or datatable rows

or any other

Please details , if possible along with sample data with screen shots , flow you have build so far


Thank you Lakshmi. I am new to using UiPath and experiencing some difficulty attaching a file. I am unsure if you can view the image below.


it will be on Excel row.

as per your flow it looks fine for iterating the rows as you are using for each excel row

is it simply ending without going for second row or is any other issue

can you please explain


It’s not going to second row.

sorry, not able to guess what exactly is happening by this information

At least if you are getting any errors or something

can you check the file which you are using does any filtered applied so only one row is visible