For each row and continue activity in uipath

Hi All, I need help to solve about for each row.

What I’m facing right now. I used for each row activity to find some data. But if the data cannot find. Then, I use “if condition” so if cannot find the data “then” do some activities. “else” will proceed find with another row and find again. I also use “Continue” activity after if condition.

Right now, Bot just loop the row and can find the data but not proceed the next step (example “extract data”). But, what bot do right now is just loop until the end of row.

My aim is: Should be if find the data from row excel bot can continue the next step until end of step and continue with another row.

This is my workflow after next step bot.

Please advise. Thanks in advance

Hi @nurainfatihah.hamirruddin ,

Continue Activity is used to skip the below action in proceed to next row.
if you want to break the loop use break activity

you need to put continue activity inside the if condition. based on your requirement