For each Excel Row does not work

Hi all,

I want UiPath to do the Following in an excel file:

  1. Check if in column A row 1 the number displayed is not higher than 1
  2. Check if in column D row 1 the name is “Customer”.
    If those two conditions are met, right “check” into column F row 1
    This is solved by usinf the “If” + “Write cell” activitiy

What I want to do now is that UiPath repeats this task for every new row. So the bot activities mentioned above were implemented into the “For each Exel Row” activity but then it just gets stuck in the first row.
What am I doing wrong here?

Hi @lo86

Is there any columns in that excel or first row is starts with the data.

Hi @lo86

can you check this

or can you share any screenshot of what activities so that i may help

thanks and happy automation