Error: "Get mail messages from Outlook: The specified folder does not exist."

When reading an email I sometimes get the error that the “Inbox” folder does not exist. Sometimes it gives error, sometimes it doesn’t give error.
Can anyone help me?

Textually: “Get mail messages from Outlook: The specified folder does not exist.”



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Make sure Outlook application should be in online at the time of BOT running.

Kindly check once with Trust Center settings in outlook whether it is enabled or not
If still not working
delete outlook account => repair outlook => restart computer => recreate outlook account,
I hope on doing this will solve your problem


We can try with GET EXCHANGE MAIL activity that can even configure outlook

Cheers @MarceloPassadore

I want to compare multiple values from web using (get text activity)…with excel columns
now i am using separate if condition for all the i want to use only one if condition for all the values…

Make the outlook running in background using this way:

  1. Right Click on Outlook Tray Icon
  2. Check Hide When Minimized

The outlook is installed on the PC. I work in an organization that works with Outlook installed on the desktop.
Sometimes it works. So it is well installed.
Thank you

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I understand you people Installed Outlook application. I am talking about Outlook application should be running at the time of BOT running.

If the application is not running then we will get that kind of issue as you mentioned.

Thank you.
When I run the robot, Outlook is open.

The robot receives mails, forwards and moves them. Something that makes the Outlook rules. But since the Outlook rules failed one day we were all on leave, I made a robot.

It occurs to me that some buffer must be filled (buffer with folder addresses). And when filled send a wrong error message. I will try with a larger delay in the cycle and “process” fewer messages for each iteration.

If you have another idea, I thank you

I do not see the same options when selecting right click on the mouse.
Attachment screenshot.
I am not understanding something about your message.
Thank you

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Take a look into this topic: Move outlook mail message - The specified folder does not exist - #9 by ShinFuku

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


I am having the same issue “Get Outlook Mail Messages: The specified folder does not exist” upon use of Outlook 2016 on Windows 10 OS. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?
Please reach out to me ASAP!! Thank you!


Spent 2 days to troubleshoot what went wrong because it worked on another computer but not mine. I bumped into this post - Delete the account, reinstall Outlook and recreate outlook and it worked. Glad it was just my machine that is annoying me but thanks again for this post.


Jordan C

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