Enterprise studio licensed through orchestrator, still shows expiring on a few days

We recently purchased a new license for orchestrator, bots and studio. I was told it’s all under one license key now. I uploaded the license key in orchestrator and it says its licensed till 2021, however studio still says that it’s expiring in a few days. How can I get my instance of studio to reflect the new license?

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Hi @Shaneq welcome to uipath community
Just disconnect your your robot on the studio pc and exit from your studio
And connect your robot again

and click " aquire license from orchestrator" when you open studio again and when its ask to license
That’s it :slightly_smiling_face::ok_hand:


Hi @Shaneq

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In addition to what my friend @Maneesha_de_silva mentioned, also check the orchestrator web portal. In there, once you login, go to licenses page and see when the licenses are expiring… Then you can get an idea on that too…


I disconnected the robot, exited studio, then re-connected studio. When re-opening studio I am not prompted to ask for my license. When running ““C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath\Regutil.exe” get-info” it still shows my license expiring in a few days.

On the license page I can only see Orchestrator’s expiration date I believe, license

Ok , use following link

And you are sure you purchase license: orchestrator bot and studio as a bundle right (license under same key)


My UiPath account rep said it was bundled.

I ran this command regutil.exe activate /email=documentation@uipath.com /code=1234567890 and for code using the license key provided.

Studio then asked me to activate via Orchestrator, which I did. When running the -get info command I see this, what does it mean?

Have you try to restart your IIS after adding your new key registered with orchestrator?

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Restarted IIS services, still seeing the same when using the “C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath\Regutil.exe” get-info command

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What about the reinstall your studio please
@loginerror need support here

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I am currently running 19.4.4 of UiPath Studio and Orchestrator on the platform website and I do not see that version, the closest I see is 19.4.5. I am hesitant to install this version over 19.4 until we have everything upgraded.

I am getting this message when using the get-info command still

I did uninstall and reinstall Stuido 19.4.4 and am getting the same message.

Ok , the may thing wrong , you can connect uipath support and make a ticket
Try to contact that if you have any issues related with your licences

Hi everyone! Let’s try to get things clear here :slight_smile:

First, your Studio version is 19.4.4. If you upgrade to 19.4.5, the only small feature this patch brings is the integration with the new licensing solution, so no functional changes. Our Cloud Orchestrator is already on the new solution, so you may want to consider this.

Now, you want to acquire Studio license from Orchestrator. When connecting your Studio to Orchestrator, the expiration date will be the same for all products under Orchestrator and shown in the License page - in your case it would be 2021. Regutil.info is only used with the old licensing solution, so it won’t work for Orchestrator 19.10. Can you please check in Studio - Help if the License Provider is orchestrator?