Studio and Unattended robot licensing


I have a question. I have bought Studio and Unattended licenses. I want to use it without orchestrator(disconnected). Steps what i have done:

  1. Through regutil i upload my Studio and Unattended bot licenses:
    regutil.exe activate /email=myEmail /code=MyCode i do this steps with Studio and Unattended
  2. regutil get-info i saw that:
    License status: 1
    License expiration date: 2019-12-06
    Attended: 0
    Unattended: 0
    Free: 0
    Dev: 0
    etc: 0
  3. I open UiPath Studio and it still require my license key i enter it in Online Activation then it activates for 47 weeks.
    But it still regutil get-info shows All robots status: 0
    How to solve that? or my Unattended robot is activated? And why its still showing 0?