Studio and Unattended robot licensing

I have a question. I have bought Studio and Unattended licenses. I want to use it without orchestrator(disconnected). Steps what i have done:

  1. Through regutil i upload my Studio and Unattended bot licenses:
    regutil.exe activate /email=myEmail /code=MyCode i do this steps with Studio and Unattended
  2. regutil get-info i saw that:
    License status: 1
    License expiration date: 2019-12-06
    Attended: 0
    Unattended: 0
    Free: 0
    Dev: 0
    etc: 0
  3. I open UiPath Studio and it still require my license key i enter it in Online Activation then it activates for 47 weeks.
    But it still regutil get-info shows All robots status: 0
    How to solve that? or my Unattended robot is activated? And why its still showing 0?

Hi @sjankus

If the expiration date of your robot checks out, no need to worry. I believe there is a glitch with the regutil if it is not connected to Orchestrator in terms of showing the particular licenses.

If in doubt or something is not working, please contact our Licensing Support :slight_smile: