Embed image in email using Send Outlook Mail Message activity

For which outlook version exactly method 2 will work. I am facing the same issue.

Hello Vvaidya, Which outlook version you are using exactly. I am using Outlook 2013 but i am also facing same issue just like above mentioned

tried #2 but I am getting the error like other people using. my outlook version is 2016.

used the #2 file just changed the smtp to outlook message but its not sending image as body.

Thanks in advance


What exactly is the problem Dill?

Hi, I am trying to add an image into email body using HTML via giving source of the file{file path store in my laptop}. But when i am sending this email to someone the image dosen’t appear into email body and a Empty box with red cross mark saying" Either the file has been moved or deleted or renamed" . I am using the HTML code: Img SRC=‘C:\Users\Dill\Pictures\Huawei-logo-1024x768.png’ alt=‘Logo’ height=‘42’ width=‘42’

send me the project please - wf+image too (without the user and password of course)



Send email.xaml (9.6 KB)

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Please follow the steps given below-

  • Design the template in html including the image source and save it as .txt.
  • Read the same in UiPath Studio and save the output in string.
  • Give this string in send mail body with formatting the string as per requirement, and this will do the work.

I have attached the sample workflow.

email.zip (7.0 KB)


HI Man, It worked. Thanks a lot.

didn’t work

I have tried too its not working. Due to Image you are putting into email body its saved locally into your Pc so when you send it to someone else it will never shows up.
Unless you are using a image from online server like Google or yahoo etc. You just need to paste the url of that image into html body and send to it to someone and only then it will shows up.

I can see the image only in my desktop only, but if i see the same email in my receiver desktop,it’s not displaying, how to overcome this problem?


Create Same Path like C:\User\img1.png to both sender and receiver system . You should be able to see.This is customized solution ,not general .Please test before using .

What to do if the image should be visible everywhere irrespective of the sender/receiver system??

Upload it to Cloud or Web Service and fetch it .Hope this helps :slight_smile:

It doesn’t work when you send mail to external systems.

I attach the image (.png) as an attach file with HTML below and it works every time.

Not sure it would help in this case.


I want to use load image activity and use the entire code.
but it is giving me error : " Load image : Load image from file failed. Check if the file path contains a valid image "

please provide the solution.

You will need to provide a path to a valid image (jpg, bmp, dif etc)