Embedded Image is not identifying as an attachment in email

We are performing an upgrade on uipath studio , Orchestrator and also in Robots from 2018.4.5 to 2021.10 version

One of our Robot functionality gets the outlook mail messages which has an embedded image in it and it is retrieved as an attachment.
we apply OCR to extract the data on the image.

The above action is unsuccessful in the newer version of studio 2021.10
The image embedded in the mail is no more considered an attachment. Tried an approach mentioned the below
Reference - Save the images from mail Body.
Used save attachment activity but still considers as 0 attachment.

Activity version

UiPath.Mail.Activities - 1.5.0 (Old version)
1.12.3 (New version)

With the newer mail activities version do we have an approach to handle this?

Please note this is not related to any company policy on the outlook as this work well with the older version of mail activities.


Did we try with other approaches as in this thread

Cheers @aarthivellingiri


The issue is not about sending the email with an embedded image.

We are receiving an email with an image embedded and that is not recognised as an attachment.

The earlier mail.activities version used to recognise as an attachment.

Got it

I tried with latest version in recent times and is working fine with embedded attachment as well while saving

Is it a HTML body or image added as a link


The embedded image is in the email Body., not as an explicit attachment in the email.

The explicit attachment does work as expected.

So they do update the activities with new features and properties, its not just a version bump.

Did you look at the properties for the updated activity to get the mails. There is a property to indicate if you should pull through attachments or not.

Its possible the older version you had didn’t have this, then the activity upgraded and is defaulted to no meaning attachments are not retrieved.