Outlook image issue


I want to send email where body contains/embedded a snapshot or a picture, Could you kindly advise ?

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Could you please go through these post .It might help you.

Dear Guy,

However, it does not work. i use outlook, it shows me that “The linked image cannot be displayed…”

did u check the “IsBodyHtml” from the property option ?

of course

I was wrong in my above linked post.Did you try this?

fyi…you need to have img1.png in body as well as in attachment.

but failed in outlook, actually, i do not know how to link image from attachment.

Works for me in outlook as well.If you want you can attach your xaml for review.

could you sent your source code to us ? Thanks

Last sequence in the atttached code is the outlook code.Please check.

Could you kindly advise?

linked image can not be displayed

Are you able to send it manually? If no, something is blocking your images.

what does manually mean ? actually, i can snapshot and paste to a email body and then send out…however, if i use uipath Send Outlook Mail Message activity, image can not be able to display. BTW, i saw you posted a snapshot from which you seems to have my same issue ? right ? have you fixed it?

Yes it’s working now. I did not attach the image to send outlook email so I got that message( both body and attachments).

The code I referred to you perfectly works for me.

what version of outlook that you use? , i use outlook2013


I found sth. from the internet, does it mean that not work in outlook2013,

Did you try this?

still failed. my picture linked from email’s attachment, not from cloud or remote server.