Send Outlook Mail Message Embed Image issue


I am trying to embed images in the Body of the Send Outlook Mail message. I am using a separate text file to read the HTML data. The Outlook version is 2013. I read a lot of posts saying it is not possible to embed images in Outlook 2013. But there must be some solution to this. Did anyone find a solution to this? please pm me so that I can share my HTML file.

Hi kavyashreeh,
You can embed image in mail body. You have to convert image to base64 format. Converted Base64 image you have to add in image source.


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hi @kavyashreeh22

you have to check the isBodyHtml in options.

I have checked IsHTMLBody. The other formatting is working as expected. Except the image

Tried this. Not working

did you try according to this video.

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This is the workflow according to the video that i have created. it’s working fine. you can use it. (2.5 KB)


Hey thanks so much… I watched the video… this works

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you are welcome…!!!

Hi, I need to embed image using Send Exchange Maill Message activity. Can it be done?

It’s also can be done according to above video that i have posted before…

But your package does not have activity to send exchange mail with image. We send the Dictionary object to the custom activity Send Outlook Mail with Image. In the same way, how do we pass this Dictionary object to Send Exchange mail?

Hello nalaka_sajith, the activity sendOutlook mail with images,its not reconize by uipath studio. i cannot find anymore the package…

Hi Were you able to find the solution as I cannot find the package anymore and looking for ideas to add image

Hi @kavyashreeh22, @Ionut_Istrate, @Ashish_Mehra

try using Send out look mail message activity

or add these dependencies to json file and restart UiPath
“UiPath.Mail.Activities”: “[1.2.6863.29868]”,
“SB.OutlookMail.Activities”: “[1.0.0]”,
“Microsoft.Activities.Extensions”: “[]”