Element Exists always returns True even if element does not appear

I’m trying to create a workflow that would recognize if SAP will throw an error message.

I’m using Element Exists but this activity will always return True even if the error message does not pop up.

Any proposals what is wrong with the workflow? Thanks!

Kindly set the WAITFORREADY property as Complete in the ELEMENT EXISTS activity
and try once
Cheers @TJ1

Thanks for your reply!

I tried to set WAITFORREADY property as Complete but this will just pause my workflow for a long time and after that the rest of the activities inside the Then container are not executed.

Then we are good
We can reduce the time period
Be issue usually it will wait around 30 seconds which is the default value of the Timeout property and once if the image is found within that time period it will get to the next activity and if not it will give the boolean output as False
—so if THEN part is not working ElementExists activity gives us output as False which is want we want right
And to reduce that time period mention like this 10000 milliseconds in timeout property which will make the element exists activity to wait only till 10 seconds

Hope this would help you
Cheers @TJ1

The workflow will still always go to the left side of the IF container even if the Error message does not appear.

@TJ1 Try this Set ErrorMessage default value to false and check

Hi @TJ1,

What about “Get Attribute”? You can get the “visibility” attribute and check the return value, if it is visible on screen or not.

I had a case where by the element exists always appears as True even if it is not on screen, and this helped me out quite a bit.

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