Element exists Timeout issue

In my code, I use a log message and then a element exists activity - timeout is 30seconds, wait for Ready : None , output variable : isExists
After element exists, I use a “if” condition saying if isExists is False, throw exception.

Issue that is happening is though my timeout of element exists is 30 seconds, I see the time difference between the log message and throwing of exception is just 1 second.

Can anyone help on what could be the issue?

@garimavarshney9 Did you try to increase its time


  1. Element is Found Quickly: It’s possible that the element is being found quickly within the 30-second timeout period. As soon as the element is found, the Element Exists activity returns a “True” value, and the execution proceeds to the “If” condition immediately, resulting in a short time difference.
  2. Fast Failure: If the element is not found early in the process, the Element Exists activity waits for the specified timeout duration before returning “False.” However, if the element is not found, the “If” condition is triggered immediately after the Element Exists activity times out, resulting in a short time difference.
  3. Element Exists Activity Placement: Ensure that the Element Exists activity is placed at the appropriate location in your workflow. If it is placed too early or too late, it might not accurately measure the expected time difference between the log message and throwing of the exception.

Try to give it “wait for Ready” as interactive or Complete.
and give condition like this

Not ElementExistVar ->ThrowException

Hi @garimavarshney9

Validate the Selector: Ensure that the selector used in the “Element Exists” activity is accurate and efficient.

Debugging: Add additional log messages before and after the “Element Exists” activity to track its execution time more precisely. This will help you pinpoint when the activity is actually being executed.

Application Interaction: Manually interact with the application being automated and observe its responsiveness. This will give you an idea of how quickly the application responds to actions.

Hope it helps!!

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