Element exist activity check?

i try to check if element exist or not on SAP ,first time if element appear it take true condition and complete the job successfully, next time when we try to repeat the same process but we know that the element will not appear it take that the element is exist(but it not appear when i see in the execution)!?

May be some cache in the GUI i cant determine why some time see else in if condition and some time not !?

Hello @rpa13 ,

Here what you can do is use an assign activity and set the boolean variable to “False” before to element exists.

Then if the element exists it will update boolean value to “True” and proceed.

i try this but it can’t help

in some cases an element exists at the first run. Later it is not displayed, but found from the element exists. Often the relativeVisibility attribute is triggering the display status.

A defensive pattern for such checks can be:

  • element exists
  • if element exists: then get attribute - attribute relativeVisibility

And based on the attribute value (true/false) we can check the state