Element Exist in Modern Design

I understand ‘Check App State’ in modern design is a replacement of element exist in Modern Design.

However, I am curious to know if there are any other activites in modern design that outputs boolean because I am unable to use Check App State in the Retry Scope’s condtion panel. Can anyone please help on this ? How would I use Retry Scope activity in Modern Design if there aren’t any activities that outputs boolean ?

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Actually in Check app state itself has a output with Boolean value


  • Result - Indicates if the element exists or not. The field supports only Boolean variables.

Did we use that in your case

Cheers @Gayathri_Ramanathan

Yes I did. But I am unable to use that in retry scope.

One work around for this is I copied the element exist from Classic solution and pasted it in moder design solution in the Retry Scope. But, curious to know if there are any other option as this don’t seem to be an ideal way.


You can use Is True Activity in Retry Scope activity. For this, you need to install Microsoft.Activities package. Pass output of Check app state activity to Is True activity and then try once.

confirmed, same here - only way I’ve gotten around it is to copy Element Exists from another project that uses classic design.

You don’t have to copy it from another project. Just go to your Activities panel and click the filter icon at the top, then check Show Classic. You can mix Classic and Modern activities in one project.

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Thanks - I’d actually just figured that out and did it the other way, leaving Classic Design as the default and enabling to view Modern Design, then click and dragged Element Exists in. Any detriment that you know of to not “enabling” Modern Design, and just making the commands visible and usable?

UiPath.System.Activities now includes Check True and Check False that do the same thing.

You shouldn’t do it that way. Set your project to Modern in the project settings and if you need to use Classic activities select that in the filter. There’s more to a Modern project than just new Activities.

Also, you could output the Check App State result to a boolean variable, then use that boolean variable in Check True/Check False - which work as Retry Scope conditions.

Thanks again. The only reason I chose that way is b/c for some reason my projects will not retain the setting to default to Modern. This is not a UIP issue I’m sure, it’s a corporate install issue so still trying to work that out. Once it is, I’ll flip flop the setup. Thanks for the feedback.

You mean when you create a new project and change it to Modern in project settings, save it then open it, it’s back to NOT being set to Modern?

Also I added this to me previous reply but want to make sure you see it…

You could output the Check App State result to a boolean variable, then use that boolean variable in Check True or Check False - which work as Retry Scope conditions.

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Correct - exactly as you stated. I have to change each project to modern each day, let it “reload” and then I can use it as a modern Project until I close and reopen it. The global default to use Modern is disabled on our install, and according to the driving force behind us moving to UIP, it was not intentional. So def something internal to be resolved. However, AFAIK I’m the only dev looking into Modern, everyone else is just using classic. Other than the benefits of the diff activities (like selectors being more robust), I haven’t seen any documentation about what is better for modern.

Thanks for the Check True/False I’ll “check” those out. :slight_smile:

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Same trouble with Element Exists in Modern Design.

We want to manage different situations at a moment, and for that we use:

  • Pick

*1 Pick Branch 1 : Login/Password Prompt
*1 ******Element Exists
*1 ******Action

*2 Pick Branch 2 : Already logged in
*2 ******Element Exists
*2 ******Action

*3 Pick Branch 3 : Application unavailable
*3 ******Element Exists
*3 ******Action

So, with Pick / Pick Branch and Element Exists, it’s really easy to manage >2 situations.
How to do that with Modern Design ?

Kind regards,

You can use Check App State exactly like Element Exists. You don’t have to put anything into the “appears” or “doesn’t appear” sequences, just hide them and fill in the output value in the Check App State activity’s properties. Then use Check True for the condition block of the pick branch.

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Thank you Paul !

It works perfectly !

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