Check App State in Retry Scope -- Modern Design

Please have a look at my post in the above link. Right now there are no activities in Modern Design which can be used in the condition block of Retry Scope Activity. So requesting you to enable check app state activity in the condition block of retry scope activity.

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Thanks @Gayathri_Ramanathan . The request makes sense, I’ve placed it into the backlog.


Thanks very much :smiley:

Adding my voice and vote here!

Use the Is True activity from the Microsoft.Activities package.

There is also a Check True in either UiPath UiAutomation or UiPath System activities, but I haven’t used it for Retry Scope.

but it is a workaround as a result of improvements, a thing that UiPath team forgot about.

By introducing Modern Activities and removing the Classic activity “Element Exist” UiPath should keep backwards compatibility with other activities that are related.

The only thing is to make possible to drag & drop the Check App State in there :wink: nothing more.

It’s not a workaround. It’s how it is intended to be used. The Retry Scope uses any activity that returns a boolean value, and Is True is a simple one that does that.

Check App State can store a true/false in a boolean variable (using the Result property) just like Element Exists. If you like the simplicity of Element Exists, you can still use it. It wasn’t removed. You can freely mix classic and modern activities in your automations.

Check App State returns Boolean :wink:


So? :thinking:

But - isn’t it stupid? What is the meaning of having Modern activities then if you cannot fully utilize them without turning on the legacy… classic ones?

And then you use that boolean variable in Is True.

You can fully utilize them.

Use Check App State to store the value in a boolean variable, just like Element Exists does, and then use Is True in the condition of the Retry Scope. Or just use Element Exists. Nothing was removed. You can freely mix classic and modern activities in your automation.

By the way, if you’re trying something like a Click in modern, you don’t even need Retry Scope. That functionality is now built right into the Click activity.


Thank you for your help. I know the functionality :slight_smile:

I am just trying to point at that going from this:

To this:

to achieve the same thing…
…just does not look like an improvement to me. :confused:

You can still do it the first way. You can freely mix classic and modern activities in your automation.

Maan :smiley: I know I can, don’t have to tell me, I am fine, I can find workarounds if needed.

This is a Feedback thread! I am gladly providing a feedback on UiPath Studio.

I am giving courses on Studio, mentoring people and every time I would have to tell them… you know, now just click this to turn on Classic and just mix it with Modern here and get to questions like why, and with what to go, if to choose Classic or Modern, what are differences and so - they got confused, I have to tell them UiPath has a tool with new features that are lovely… but still kind of limited, so we have to go back to check the old ones… Then they turn on the Classic, then they have both, searching for for instance Click activity and struggling to find the “right one” … but which one is the right one?

I hope you understand my concerns now. I know how to solve the thing. I just wanted to add my voice to the feedback for Studio team…