UiElementExists Causing Delays

I am using an Element Exists activity to detect whether a log in is required before proceeding. The activity works fine, but when the log in is not required the bot seems to spend a long time determining that the element is not there before moving on, adding unnecessary time to the process.

Is there any better way to do this? Unfortunately the code cannot be shared but wanted to see if anyone else had this issue.


The activity “element exists” only returns a Boolean value(True or false).
You can use the activity together with a if condition.
If the element exists you do the log in.
Else you move on the the next activity.

Yes, I am using it in conjunction with an “If” statement. What I am saying is that the Element Exists activity takes a while to validate whether the element is present or not, causing a delay after the If statement.

It sounds like something is going on the default timeout is set to 30,000 ms, so that should be the longest you are waiting unless it has been changed.

Do what @ ewanc1 if dont work try to change from interactive to NONE

Ah, I see what the issue is, the 3000 had been deleted and so it was defaulting to 30000. Thanks!

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