Edit Specific Data for a Queue Item

You are right. Sorry. 19.10


I think it shows up only if not null. Did you set something on it?

Yes, I did. It does show up while it is in progress. When I postpone it it just goes away.

It looks like an ugly bug. Can you please open another topic on this? Also, what happens 1. when you set it to succesfull or failed? Does the progress stay? and 2. When you clone an item that already has progress.

Sure, will create a new thread here in User Voice - Orchestrator in a bit.

  1. In progress - Progress field shows, as soon as you set it up to Successful/Failed, progress field is lost
  2. Cloning the item will make your progress field disappear as well.

It seems that as soon as your item switches status it loses progress.

Even though I think being able to work with the Progress field would be an improvement, I would still like to see sometime in the future the ability of changing the Specific Information :slight_smile:

In Manage -> Orchestrator. This is a bug not a feature idea.

In cloning there should be an option. Keep progress or not.

Yes. this would be a welcome change

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Hello there,

for a lot of processes, it would be great idea to add a “current work status” for the Transaction which I can filter to regulate a process if I retry an item due to an error (like in Blue Prism). I cannot use the API in our Production System due to governance reasons (missing permissions).

When I try “Set Transaction Progress” the Transaction Progress does not remain when I set the transaction status to Failed.

Would you mind adding such a functionality?

@tetele @badita

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is there any api which can change queue item status to any?

Hi @loginerror,

I am trying to update a queue item priority as like below

When I was hitting the orchestrator with a GET request for the same item it gives the Item Information but for Put request, it throws 404, not sure why.

I am little confused with the message “Does Not Exist” and 404 Error.

Can you please let me know why it is happening like this.

Can you share the link to that documentation ? I haven’t found that endpoint you are talking about anywhere

Sure, see here on how to get access to the same site:

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Which api you are using for changing the specific data of failed items?
What is the 'relativeEndPoint of that api?

Also, suppose if we want to change the specific data of the queue item with id=700, how can we give that input inside 'relativeEndPoint ?
and which method we need to use put or patch or post?

I don’t exactly remember how I did it but I think I have used https://platform.uipath.com/odata/Queues(%)/UiPathODataSvc.SetTransactionResult(%)