How to modify queue item data and also add new items to it

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I am using RE Framework and building a performer robot that first read the data from a queue and then try to process it according to the business rules. Now what I want is after getting the queue item from the orchestrator, I want to modify some of the values and I also want to add some new key/values into it. It doesn’t matter if the data gets updated to the orchestrator but I just want to change it in the queue item variable so that I can use it in the automation later on.

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Hi @himanshu_punj1

If your objective is to modify the incoming transaction data just for the programming sake internally, You can simply overwrite the data using assign activity in the workflow.

From the Transactions window you can edit the details of an individual queue item, or clone that item entirely. This is helpful for changing the priority or deadline of a transaction to respond to business needs, or editing the data input for failed transactions before retrying them.

The following doc might help you with your requirement:

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Hi @himanshu_punj1 ,

It’s not usually recommended to change the values of the queue item in the process. Declaring a dictionary variable and adding key value pair to it and using it across the process is recommendable.

However, if you insist, you can follow the below steps for achieving your requirement.

-For editing the existing item in the queue item, you can directly assign the value to the field in the required queue item

QueueItemVariable.specificcontent("Key") = "Value"

-For adding new key and value to the queue item, you can use the ADD function in the invoke method.




@arjunshenoy Thanks for you reply - that was helpful.

Hi thanks a lot for your reply - finally made it :muscle:

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