Updating one of Specific Data details of QueueItem using API

Hi All,

When i am updating any of Specific data details using Orchestrator HTTP request then it is removing other Specific data details.
Like if QueueItem has Specific data as {ItemName:“ABC”, Status:“NA”} and when i update Status from NA to something else it won’t show {ItemName:“ABC”}.
Updating QueueItem is loosing other specific data information.

I have already gone through link: Edit Specific Data for a Queue Item

Any leads on this would be appreciated.

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Hey @shantanu.khaladkar,

You need to pass the entire value again. The orchestrator API says it will update the property reference, defer date, specific content etc.

Meaning it will update the entire specific content of the queue item not the individual properties inside specific content. Hope you get this.

So, your existing specific content data is {ItemName:“ABC”, Status:“NA”}

To update the above, you need to pass {ItemName:"ABC", Status:"Processed"}

Get the whole specific content data & make changes, pass the entire data with updated properties again. Now your item status is updated in specific content.

This should resolve your issue.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Is it not possible to update Individual properties?

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As per our code, we are updating only the status property in specific content.

As per the API, Status is not the property the entire specific content is just a string for it.

So the duty of API is to update the specific content property. You get the entire specific content string and update the required values in string and pass it back.

The behaviour still remains the same & fulfills your need.

Hope you get this.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I got your point and thank you for response.
I will keep this thread open for now, to see if any other idea comes in.

Thanks again.

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