Having Trouble Starting Job on Specific Robot

Hi, all :wave:

I have question about Orchestrator functionalities.

I developed RPA system through Orchestrator and couples of Robot PCs.
And Now I am trying to add some new RPA scenarios to my system, and they should be executed on a specific robot.

How can I make some queue items allocated to specific robot depending on their attributes(ex. Json values corresponding to queue items) ?

David Cho

Hi @David_Cho

If I am not wrong in understanding your query,
You can use “Unique Reference” property while creating a Queue, with this property you can allocate specific data for the specific Robots.

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Dear, Goutham.

Thanks for your kind reply! :slight_smile:
But, Unfortunately, It is not possible to create new queue.

I have to add new queue items to existing queue and trigger specific robot on specific queue items. So I need to create job on specific Robot ID depending on queue item attributes.

David Cho

For adding data into an existing queue, you can do that in two ways

  1. Use normal Add Queue (Data from an excel)
  2. Use Bulk Add Queue Activity for direct dumping

For your second point, Bot will fetch a queue item based on a Status “New”, unless you have any reference to it.

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Thanks for your kind reply.

You said, Bot will fetch a queue item based on a Status “New” unless I have any reference to it.

Can I make some queue items to be fetched by Specific Bot? If I can, how can I make reference to it? Any example would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Many Thanks,
David Cho

Unfortunately, you cannot make your existing queue Unique Reference enabled. You should create a new queue for that, while creating you can enable that.
Can you elaborate on what specific queue items needs to be fetched by Robot, So we can think on doing some adjustments at your code level…

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Here is my problem at code level.
My system deals with several RPA services and each service has its own service code.
Let’s say there are 5 services and service codes are A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5.

Users select service depending on their purpose and request service.
Each service creates a queue item and the item is added to existing Queue
and each queue item has its service information within ‘Specific Data’ field as below.

I have 5 bots and one of the them fetch the item and execute RPA process.
Let’s say we call Bot1, Bot2, Bot3, Bot4 and Bot5 respectively.

Now, I want to develop a new RPA service, let’s say its service code is A6, and I need Bot3 to take the newly added service A6 exclusively.

Well, I think this is quite a complicated problem. I have read many materials without finding any helpful content.

David Cho


In this case you can add the logic at the process level.

If Bot3 needs to only fetch A6 service code then,


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Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

where is the process level I should add login in it?
I mean…
It is Orchestrator that triggers jobs. So i need to make Orchestrator know that A6 should be executed by Bot3.

David Cho

You can add the logic in your code, at the place where you get the queueItem…

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Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

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