Edit the specific data of a queue Item

Hello Guys,

First I don’t know if is it a good practise to use queue items like this. But I am wondering if i can uptade the specific data from a Queue Item.

I already viewed this post. They use “Orchestator HTTP Request”. I didnt understand all the post, do you have a example for this methode?

Also I am wondering if is it a good practise to use Orchestrator queue like “database” instead of using a sql or a simple excel file?

Ty for your help!

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Will share you the sample by some time today please.


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Yes, using Queues has many advantages over SQL/Excel. For example, if using a Queue you can have multiple Jobs running at the same time pulling from the same Queue. You should also do a dispatcher/performer model to be more efficient and reliable.

As far as editing the SpecificContent, I don’t know if you can except using the API. And I’m not even sure if that will let you.

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Don’t forget me @Nithinkrishna

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Hey @Elya

Sorry, yes you will get it by today no worries.



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Hi @Elya

Apologies! Apologies! Apologies!

Please find the workaround for you.

Adding a disclaimer prior hand :smiley:


Output for the UiPath flow

3rd info level log is the current SpecificContent of the queue item

7th info level log is the SpecificContent of the queue item after update

PFA - QueueItemSpecificContentUpdate.zip (2.7 KB)

Hope this is what you was expecting

Extremely sorry once gain ! Thanks for being with me.



thx @Nithinkrishna it works!

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Cool :slightly_smiling_face:

Do raise some interesting stuff like this going forward :wink:


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