Dynamic Selectors in object reprository

I was going through the Object repository functionality have been using most of it in the projects, However we are finding difficulty in understanding how to use dynamic selectors using the object repository.

Lets say I have UI Library with descriptors “descriptors_Library” and Reusable library “Reusable_Library”. And i have used the “descriptors_Library” package in “Reusable_Library” Project.

Now how do i add dynamic selector in the “descriptors_Library” and how do i use it in “Reusable_Library”?

When i say dynamic selector for better understanding i mean i have link with text say random number “345” or “456” in the UI and this tends to change all the time and would not remain constant.

Hi @Varun_Thimmappa
You can use variables in descriptors.

kindly check the link below:-