Working on selectors and how to use a dynamic selector

How we Working on selectors and how to use a dynamic selector

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solution is here


Hi @aksh1yadav,

I also have a question regarding the selector.

I build a rather large artefact, which migrates data from one platform to a second platform. Now, the second platform got an update: all the functionality remains, but the selector is different, as the title changed.

As the title changed, I need to update all UiPath activities by searching and replacing the selector.

My question: do you know how I can access the bare UiPath code, in order to easily change the selector? That would be very helpful, since I don’t need to go through every activity.


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Each .xaml UiPath file is just XML that you can open with any regular text editor.

If you want to use code you can open visual studio and do something like this:

File.WriteAllText(path, File.ReadAllText(path).Replace(x, y));

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At the time of development you have observed this then you can relay on most stable attributes instead of title and can make the variable part dynamic.

Their are approaches depends on usage and needs mate. it depends on need and environment scenario.

if you wanna replace in a once shot. so already mentioned with other guy just open .xaml in notepad and replace all in a once shot :slight_smile:


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Hi, I am looking for a solution in regards to a selector problem. I am building a bot that opens a web page and on the left pane there are different headers , I need the bot to click the headers starting with the word onboarding (basically info about new employees). I used the click activity for this purpose, but cant figure out how to get the bot to click on a header starting with the word onboarding on the left of the screen., it keeps giving me an error of clicking on the wrong link.

Hi Ashish,
Please try Screen / Data scrapping option, identify the element you want to click and find its selector using UI explorer (available in the ribbon), then enter the selector value in the properties (Target → Selector)…Do let me know if you face any issues.

Thanks @cschevuri I was able to resolve the problem , here is a link to my exact problem and the solution I went through------------> How to iterate through text in a web browser and then click on text (and perform some other actions) containing specific keywords

Great ! Thank you…