Dynamic URL for Object Repo saved in a library used across multiple processes

Hi Team forum,
I am having a library project, that consist of just an obj repo, which is storing all necessary selectors.

This library is used between multiple processes that interact with UKG.
Recently UKG had a new release, and a few selectors were updated, thus I have also updated the repo.
but now every window element has stored in the QA website URL[hard coded url value].
selector with url
it does not allow an empty value or wildcards in url.

This selector is over writing any dynamic url [prod urls ]sourced from config in all our bot processes. I don’t believe this use to happen earlier.

So, the help I need is -
1] is there a way to make the url in my library dynamic?
2] is there a way to write dynamic url above the inherited url from OR?
3] any other possible solutions to resolve the issue?

Thanks in advance for all the help.

In the latest Studio version the URL field is editable if you navigate on your library project via “Edit Screen” → “Edit Appliaction Descriptor” - here you can add variables to the field.

This might not be possible if you have an older version, so in that case you’d probably have to resort to some kind of workaround - eg. Using variables in Object Repo UI Descriptors - #18 by dotbot

You can use a variable in place of the URL and publish the library. When you use the object into your actual workflow, you will get a popup (screenshot attached below) asking if you want to create a variable for the dynamic part and which will create a variable automatically for you. You can assign dynamic values through that variable.


Hi thanks for the help.
this feature is available in new version of studio only. my client has an older studio version.

thanks, I was able to find a work around to the problem.
I let the bot open the hard coded url and then navigate it to the dynamic url from config file.
once the website was open and bot was running the hard coded selector url values didn’t matter anymore to all other activites.

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