Dynamic loading of Nodes/Items not working when using Object Repository


While trying to use the object repository for our SAP automations I’ve run into a problem when using the components that dynamically loads in selectors after being activitated (eg. ‘Expand Tree’ and ‘Click Toolbar Button’).

If I load in the activity and select the selector from the SAP window, the component finds the possible items perfectly fine. If I instead set the same selector from the object repository, none of the items are found and I’m left with an empty field to manually type in the Tree Item for example.


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Hi @ABest,

It sounds like the issue you’re facing could be related to the way in which selectors are defined in the object repository.

When using the object repository, selectors are typically defined based on static properties of the UI element, such as its ID or label. However, in cases where UI elements dynamically load or change based on user interactions, relying solely on static properties may not be sufficient.

One potential solution could be to use a combination of static and dynamic properties in your selectors. For example, you could include a static property like the ID of the parent container element along with a dynamic property like the position or text of the UI element you want to interact with.

I’ve double checked now and the selectors are identical.

I made a small test with a SAP component where the first has its selector populated from the Object Repository while the other is selected straight from the SAP window:

Both were done while the window was open, so any information about the toolbar could be extracted.

To me it seems like UiPath might collect some extra metadata about the toolbar when selected, which is not gathered when using an element from the Object Repository.