How to check extract data table is empty


I am scrapping data and performing actions in for each loop with respect to data table which i scrapped.
But even there is only 2 data loop is not stopping after excution.
How can i stop loop after data from extractdata table will get finish.
what condition should i give to stop before putting break?
Kindly help me to solve this.

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Hi @Mathkar_kunal

I think in for each row it will iterate through the datatable until the last row.

Can u check the no of rows in datatable?


actually the issue is my scrapped data is not working proprly .when i am testing as saperate workflow it is working but in my script sequence it is misbehaving taking more data (same data multiple times) and running in loop

Thanks worked and i have put one if condition too to check by counting no of rows

U can try this



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