Dropdown isnt working in citrix

Here is my scenario.I have a dropdown inside a citrix via VDI login.

*Get input from the user eg:name of the place
*Select the place from drop down based on user selection

Tried solutions:
Hotkeys:Down or up arrow doesn’t work in this dropdown menu.If i press “g” for goa and press o to continue ,it shows places starting with O instead of “GO” .There is huge data under this dropdown.
Pressing tab goes to another menu instead .
Select-item:Error is shown stating doesn’t support here.

Manual option to choose is drag till you see text in screen and click once you get the text.Is there any way to automate this scenario ?

Did you try type into with the entire text? rather than hot keys?

if not, try this :
You have to start with a hotkey on the dropdown, to go to the starting letter,
do these in a loop

  • scrape region to get all available drop down options
  • check if your option is available in the scraped text
  • if yes - Click text to click on the option. - Break the loop
  • if not - then keep clicking on the down button on the scroll bar a few times based on number of records displayed in dropdown

Break on condition - the starting letter of the last word does not match with your option’s starting letter - throw exception that option is not available.

This is a suggestion. Not sure if there are any better options. You can give this a try.

Yes I already tried type into …this drop-down doesn’t support typing.i tried scraping too didnt support it .

So, UiPath is on you local machine and you want dropdown to work on citrix? That is impossible, you can try SetText or image recognition, sso:

Image for every possibility and image exists, click… complex script but doable…


you can alternately try find image, with the image of the option, and use the same logic of scrolling down.

Hi @ranjani

Check this post
Drop down in citrix


I created one really awesome solution for that, so:

Parallel activity:

1st side

do while component
it will click on down arrow while the assigned counter is less than 1

2nd side
it will select the needed value and then add 1 on the counter.

So it will click down until it finds image and when it does it will add to the counter and break do while and continue with script :wink:

Let me know if it helps


sorry i couldn’t understand things here.could u place a model file

FYI:The text to be selected is received from user via input dialog.So we can’t use image here.

itsn’t possible ,the data to be selected is dynamic and has 150+ options inside dropdown

Can you put set text activity?

I did something similar … maybe this could help you …

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Not something impossible. Might need some time to experiment and also the most efficient implementation might be lengthy.If that is how you can achieve it, still go for it. You can refer @carmen’s solution mentioned above.

In your case, you might not need to go through all 150+ options. You had mentioned that you can hit the starting letter of the option to go to the corresponding option.

Try doing that, go to the option with your starting letter and then start your search in a loop like this. Just that instead of using scraping, use find image. Note the break on condition with reference to the start of the letter too.