I need Ideas ...Citrix Automation

Hi there! I’m working in Citrix, here I have a combobox with data, and this one change every time, the data could be beetween 1 and 50 items, and in the other hand I have a number that I need to find in this combobox.

Any idea how to resolve it?

I did in a way that I feel could be better. My way is doing click, going down, scrapping the item and then compare.

The thing is how I get the final when every time I have a diferent number of items? and I don’t know how many items will be, so what I do? I save the item that I got after scrapping OCR in a variable and then I compare if this item is the same that the other one. if they are the same probably is the end, work fine I think 95%, but sometimes doesn’t.

Anyone have a different approach or idea? I will appreciate it

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I’m not a massive Citrix user but could you use the image of the combo box slider on the right to determine whether you’re at the bottom of the list?

Alternatively, just iterate through for a number of times that you know will be too many e.g. 100 if max items is 80. From painful experience I think your solution may already be the best one.

Others on here have more Citrix knowledge though such as @vvaidya or @aksh1yadav

thank you. I didn’t think about the image that you said … I will check if I can make an improve.

Your procedure seems to be the efficient one.

One more way to do is Image Exists, if you have the common items appearing in the combo box, you could capture the Images and store it in local computer say, 45.png.

If you item is variable is varItem= 45, you load varItem.png from local computer into Image exists and perform comparison. This is a bit faster than your process, but I feel the accuracy of yours is better.

If your combobox text is reading (which i don’t think it is) you could copy text to clipboard and compare with your variable.

ok thank you for answer.

If you can predict at what point your Item appears, you can avoid OCR’ing all the items.

Lets say if your Item appears after 10 down key commands, you can use that logic and reduce the process time

that will be perfect, but my case is, a lot of numbers (clients) and every client have beetween 1 to 50 or more codes related, so every time is different, I could select one client that only have one code or other that have 50 codes and the code that I need could be in any position.

The system that I need automatize is really a messy, thanks for your ideas, I will take note for future reference.