Unable to select drop down from an application( an application which is being treated as an image). It is from an excercise 7 of uipath foundation course


Please help me to select an option from the dropdown. Using Citrix, it doesn’t pause after pressing F2. Also, OCR Engines are unable to read it.

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If you are able to click on it. A work around i love to use is invoking hotkeys. In your picture depending on the option invoke use error down and then enter. Its fast and many times more efficient and accurate.

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@Palaniyappan , can you pls suggest on this?

Buddy being in citrix you can use two option @kkasegaonkar

  1. use no. of send hot key activity until you navigate to that field with tab key
  2. then use a send hot key activity with down key to get the field you want buddy

if you can use computer vision activities in your studio version then
you can use Computer Vision activities with click activities to click that dropdown field and again a click activity to click on the field you want from the dropdown buddy

did that work buddy @kkasegaonkar

@Palaniyappan ,Yes, it worked by mouse clicks. But if there is value that is below the “Marketing”, down arrow is not working. I am trying with computer vision activities.


Told ya. Try delay’s sometimes uipath is to fast and the key is not recieved on the platform.

@Joeri_Rethy, I think, It’s not about delays. Consider, a scenario where previous employee was of Human Resources, then typing a down key, will set next employee to R & D, even if he is of Sales. Any option for this?

Ah alright so the drop down box is not a fixt value.

Well click image is my last resort on those things. But it slow your process down alot and i don’t like to use it. But it does work if i don’t see an other way out.

You can go ahead with computer vision activities buddy…
That would work for sure…

did that wrk buddy @kkasegaonkar

@Palaniyappan Nope, it has not yet worked.

what was the issue buddy @kkasegaonkar

Unable to select a particular menu from dropdown @Palaniyappan, even after using OCR

@Palaniyappan, it worked. I extracted text from and then adjusted dropdown accoedingly with keysstrokes. Thanks

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That’s great buddy…
Kindly make a solution that would help others as well buddy.
Cheers @kkasegaonkar

Just try Using Image Recording under recorder,

step1: click Element —>Mouse—>click (now select the dropdown which we have to work on)
step2:Again click Element—> control----> select item (now this show the list of item available in the dropdown, select the one needed ,click OK)
Its done :slight_smile: Hope this works for all