Drop down in citrix

Need to select the drop-down till end how can I achieve in Citrix where I opened the application having drop down list


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You can accomplish this Sending Hotkeys(up and down).

To detect the last element, check if you have a scroll bar or disabled arrow Image and based upon that you can end your logic.

To read the item values, you can try OCR

@vvaidya thank you I will try your solution.


You can try this approach as shown below:

Click OCR text inside the try block and create the boolean variable to hold the selected name, assign the value to true and in catch block you have to make the boolean value to false so that it can search through entire drop down list.
Don’t forget to pass the variable inside the click OCR text.
For better result use Microsoft OCR.
By using above solution you select the dynamic choice from the list as per your requirement.


Hi Girish,
Can you please explain this further or if possible share a dummy code (xaml file). It would be of great help.

Thanks in advance.