How to select an item in drop down list in citrix

how to select an item in drop down list in citrix


  1. use click image to click on dropdown
  2. use **send hotkey (down)**to navigate through it + enter to choose.

side note.

  1. First check whether drop down allowing to enter value inside it then no need of “send hot key” just use "typeinto activity and pass the variable you want to choose.

2.If not then it gets tricky but there is way to choose item from the dropdown
once you click on first item of the drop down use Get OCR Text to scrape the value (x)
then compare with your input variable (y) if same then hit "enter " else continue the loop and by hitting down key.

PS: To come out of the drop down you can compare the output of Get OCR Text with next item in the dropdown. When it reaches to the end(two times down key) you might have scraped same item by twice then both the value are same hence condition is true and it comes out of loop.

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For iframe in web vrowser I use “click ocr text” activity twice: first to click and activate the dropdown and second to click the dropdown element I need (f2 to delay the selector).

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Hi, great tip, but for me this doesn’t work in excel, when I send the hotkey to go down, it goes down within one of the cells, not the dropdown… Any idea how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Can u show a example…

Hi! I have tried to use the above trick to select options from a drop down menu for Level 1 Lesson 8 Practice 2 (myCRM Exercise). Attached is the file I’m working on. However, the case seems to be sensitive and does not iterate through the drop down menu. Would you please be able to take a look at my work if time permits? appreciate your help and advice!

Thanks a lot! Lesson 8 Practice 2 getOCR.xaml (26.8 KB)